Interior Design Tips #2 - How To Style Curtains

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Tip number 2 is all about curtains and how to get an expensive look, without an expensive price tag.

Tip: Always have long curtains, down to the floor. They lengthen a room and make it feel more luxurious.

Curtains that go to the floor are always a good idea. Some people prefer to have them 'puddle' on the floor slightly and others like them to stop dead at the floor (or about 1cm above the floor so that they close easily). Long curtains always feel much more expensive and luxurious than short curtains. 

For a more dramatic look, hang the pole high above the window. This will also lengthen the height of a room and make it look taller. 

Image from Pinterest

Don't forget to make sure that the pole is wide enough for you to be able to open the curtains and see the full window. There is nothing worse than curtains blocking most of the light coming through when they're open. Some curtains aren't very wide so you could have 2 sets of curtains (you can sew them together) on the same pole. 

Ikea do some wonderful curtains that are long and very inexpensive. They have a fab tool on their website which I'll link here to help you create the perfect look. 

Avoid: Short curtains make a room feel shorter in height and can make a room feel unfinished.

I personally think that short curtains look like they belong in a cafe (see the picture below). If you're worried about letting the heat in from the radiator below, then have a blind with long curtains. Open the curtains and close the blind when the heating is on, and when it's off, just use the curtains. 

If you have bay windows or awkward windows, then you may be best with just blinds. There is no point in having lovely curtains hanging in your bay window, but all of the natural light being blocked because you can't open them properly. Like the photo below (taken from Pinterest), the curtains are lovely but they're blocking out 2 of the 3 windows in the bay. Blinds would be better here.  

So there we have it. I hope you find these tips useful. Let me know what you think in the comments below and you can always find me on Instagram.

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