Interior Design Tips 1 - How To Paint a Small Room To Make It Look Bigger

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Welcome to my Interior Design Tips Series!

This series will be based mainly on my Instagram feed (you can follow me here), but I will expand on the tips here on the blog. 
I absolutely LOVE interiors and styling and I want to bring a bit of what I’ve learned to you guys. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert and please don't take these tips as hard rules, but instead allow them to guide you when making decorating choices in your home. I would love to hear any tips or tricks that you guys have too! Please use the hashtag #TEPCinteriortips on Instagram to add your tips, tricks and hacks, or to simply follow the series. 
So let's get on with the first one...
Tip: If you have a small room/bedroom, paint the walls in the same colour.
If you paint the room in the same colour on every wall, then you create a camouflage affect and the walls blend in. If you paint the walls in different colours (or use a feature wall) in a small room, then the eye stops where the colour changes and it appears smaller. If painted in the same colour, you can’t see where one wall ends and one wall starts and so it appears bigger.
This image (below) by Farrow and Ball shows this small and cosy living room in which all the walls, ceiling and woodwork has been painted in the same colour (Purbeck Stone). They say "using a single colour in a room is a clever way to create the feeling of space and by removing contrasts between different colours you're immediately less aware of where the walls end and the ceiling begins."
Avoid: Using dark colours in a small room. It draws the walls in and makes it feel smaller.
It's always been the case that small rooms should be painted in light colours to reflect the light, and that does make sense. But what if you want to go dark in a small room? Then paint everything! Like the rule above, paint the walls, the door and the woodwork all in the same dark colour so it all blends in. Again, this will blur the lines and it’ll appear bigger!
It was actually really difficult to find an image of a small room painted in dark colours. If you have an image, please send it my way! So instead I'm going to show you this beautiful photo of a living room by Greg (Instagram - @manwithahammer). I appreciate it's not a small living room, but it shows you just how well dark everything works!
Other points to add:
You can absolutely have two different colours in a small room, but maybe try and put the dark colours on the woodwork, and the lighter colours on the walls. If you have a picture rail, put the darker colour below it and a lighter colour above it. These techniques create optical illusions to help make a space feel bigger.
Try to use furniture on legs so you can see the floorspace. Seeing the floor creates the illusion of more space. 
Declutter! It might not be that you need more space in a room, it may be that you have too much stuff in the room. Have a good declutter and organise the room so less is on show. 
I hope you found these tips useful! I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Please follow me on Instagram (@theenglishprintco), send me your pictures and use the hashtag  #TEPCinteriortips on Instagram to share your tips.
Sophie x

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