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The living room used to be my least favourite room in the house. I’m not sure why but it just never felt welcoming or homely, and I hated sitting in there. I think I’ve only sat in it a handful of times since getting the keys in January 2019. The fireplace was the part I disliked the most, it was just so orange (see estate agent pictures above) and I didn’t like the black tiles. So basically there wasn’t much I did like about the room and I needed to change everything.

I started on Pinterest (obviously, where else would you start?) for inspiration. I change my mind so many times when it comes to decorating and I like having the option to switch things up easily. I went for neutral tones so I could add in colours in cushions and accessories and change the feel of the room, depending on the season. The Decorating Centre Online were brilliant in helping me pick out colours, and I would highly recommend them for both quality and price. The colours I chose were colour matched; Farrow & Ball ‘Skimming Stone’ for the top of the picture rail, and ‘Elephants Breath’ for below it. I placed the order and it arrived so quick!

Instagram was also brilliant for inspiration. There were a few accounts (see below) that I followed that I really loved the look and feel of. Firstly, (no longer has Instagram) because those tiles are stunning and secondly I basically just want her house, it's beautiful. I kept coming across built in storage and shelves in the alcoves and knew I wanted that.


Luckily for me my husbands dad is a joiner (not so lucky for him) and after sending him the photos of what I wanted, he began work a few days later. I underestimated the amount of work involved and thought it’d only take a few hours or a days work tops. It didn’t, it took ages. Turns out old houses don’t have straight walls, who knew?!


Eventually the cupboards and shelves were built and the decorator set to work. It took another week on top of that for the room to be fully decorated. The fireplace took 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of undercoat and 3 coats of gloss, it was so much work but it looks so much better in white. I still don’t know what to do about the tiles on the hearth but for now it’s less offensive.

The best part about the new cupboards is being able to put the sky box and internet box in them meaning there are no ugly boxes or wires on show. We just drilled a round hole (using a hole saw) in the top of the cupboard where the TV sits. AND, the sky box works with the doors shut!!

Once the decorating was complete, I could finally start faffing and putting bits on the selves. There’s still a lot to finish in this room but now I think it might be my favourite room of the house. It feels so much more cosy and inviting. It’s a space we enjoy as a family and it’s very homely. Just how I always imagined it.


Let me know what you think of the room in the comments below and ask any questions you may have. I hope you like it!

Sophie ♡ 

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