My Top 5 Organising & Decluttering Accounts To Follow On Instagram + Freebies!

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This week I’m talking all things organisation. For me, I have to have a clean and tidy house to work in. Lots of mess, or things not put back in their place really distracts me from my job and makes me so much more stressed. But, we are in a global pandemic and our families are at home more than anything right now meaning our houses don’t stay clean and tidy for long.

I’m here to take some of the stress away with my free printables below, but I also wanted to share with you my top 5 organisation, cleaning and decluttering accounts I follow on Instagram.

  1. The Organised Mum (@the_organised_mum)
    Gemma created The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) to help organise and clean your home easily, and so you’re not spending all day everyday cleaning because who has time for that? You can read her blog posts here but I would highly recommend getting the TOMM app! Yes, an app! With daily prompts for which rooms to clean, you can’t go wrong.

  2. Style Sisters (@stylesisters)
    Watch Gemma & Charlotte transform celebrities' homes, it’s pure satisfaction! Watching their stories when they’re decluttering and organising a wardrobe or kitchen is gripping, you just have to watch them. They’re also experts at interior design and styling. Follow them on Instagram and you’ll be bursting with ideas, or at the very least you’ll have your wardrobe organised within the hour. Visit their website for more details:

  3. Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon)
    The queen of ‘Tap To Tidy’ herself. Her recent kitchen renovation showed us how she organises her cupboards and we’re here for it! We all love watching Stacey tidy up her home, it’s weirdly satisfying, but she’s also an amazing crafter! Get your glue guns out, you’ll be upcycling a mirror and repurposing toilet roll tubes in no time. Also, Stacey and Mrs Hinch are BFFs and it’s the dream cleaning, organising and decluttering team!

  4. Organised By Charlotte (@organisedbycharlotte)
    A professional organiser?! Yes please! Think labels, storage boxes and before and afters, it’s everything I love in one account! Charlotte also has an amazing home and her styling is just beautiful. A fabulous account to follow.

  5. Organised Motherhood (@organised_motherhood)
    Kelly’s motto is ‘own less, clean less, live more’ and I’m here for it! Check out her highlights on her Instagram page for LOADS of useful tips and tricks to organise and declutter your home. Kelly also has a YouTube channel which she uploads her organised spaces to - give her a watch here:

So there you have it, my top 5 organising, cleaning and decluttering accounts to follow on Instagram. They’re all mesmerising to watch and at the very least they’ll give you some motivation or ideas to organise your own space. Now, who wants some freebies?

  • I have my blank weekly cleaning schedule where you can write a room you’d like to clean/ declutter each day, download here.
  • I also have my to do list. Perfect if you want to declutter a cupboard or drawer, but you could also use it for everyday tasks too. Download here.
  • To have a look at all my freebies, including savings challenges, click here.


I hope this blog post helps you to feel more organised and in control. I would love to know which Instagram accounts you love to follow, let me know in the comments below.

Sophie x

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