10 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

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Do you know about Random Acts Of Kindness Day? 

RAOK is a day dedicated to spreading kindness within your community each year. There are hundreds of ways to be kind to others and to spread kindness, and it gives us a good feeling when doing it. Kindness is contagious so if you’re kind to someone, chances are they’ll do something kind for someone else, and so on. How amazing is that? We have the power to spread kindness and I think we should do it more often.

Below I have listed a few ideas that you can use to spread kindness this week. These ideas may inspire other ideas in you too and that’s great! Share your ideas with other people so that they can get inspired too. The saying “we have no idea what people are going through so always be kind” is so important. You being kind to someone having a really tough day could change their entire life! The world needs more kindness in it, and we can deliver that.

1. Don’t limit kindness to just one day

Don’t forget that it is important to continue these random acts of kindness, even after Random Acts Of Kindness Day has passed. We should always be kind to others, and it shouldn’t be limited to just one day of the year. You could tie it in to your daily life by complimenting a colleague, and that doesn’t cost you a thing. There are plenty of free ways to spread kindness and there are many ways that you can spend money in doing so too. You could promise to pay for a strangers coffee once a month, or donate to a charity each year. Whatever act you choose, don’t limit kindness to one day.

There is also Be kind Day on the 2nd March 2021 which you could use to highlight the importance of kindness and spread the message. 

2. Spreading kindness in lockdown

Lots of us are in a national lockdown right now and we are not allowed to visit and meet other people. This doesn’t stop you from spreading kindness though. Spread your kindness digitally! Get on social media and do something kind for your followers. It could be a tip or hack that might be useful to someone, or it could be sharing your favourite small businesses with your followers. Why not leave a review for something you’ve recently bought and give a shout out about a business or person that went above and beyond for you?

3. Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas:

  1. Compliment a stranger
    Do you like their shoes? Is their hair looking amazing? Tell them! Imagine how you’d feel if someone approached you and said “I really love your boots!”, I’m sure you’d walk a little taller that day.
  2. Pay for the person behind you in the queue
    Imagine you’re sat in the McDonalds or Costa coffee drive thru and you get to the window to pay. Except, you don’t need to because the person in front of you has already paid for your order. How amazing would that be? And we all know free food tastes much better than paid food!
  3. Send a gift to your friend
    Don’t tell them you’re sending them something, let it be a surprise for them to open and make their day! It could be something inspiring or something they’ve wanted for a while.
  4. Tip your favourite takeaway
    If you have a favourite takeaway, why not give them a good tip when they next deliver to you?
  5. Take the bins out for your neighbours
    Do you know how amazing it is when I forget to take my bins out, but my neighbours have done it for me? OMG I could kiss them! Take a little stress out of your neighbours lives (especially if they are elderly or vulnerable) and pop the bins out.
  6. Write a lovely note for your children/ family member
    My children absolutely LOVE it when I leave them a random note telling them how proud I am of them and how much I love them. But it doesn’t have to be your children. What about your husband or parents? I’m sure they’d love a little note too!
  7. Have a catch up via FaceTime with a cup of tea
    This is especially important right now. Why not catch up with a friend or family member who is isolating or maybe feeling lonely, and just chat for a while and ask them how they are?
  8. Donate if you can
    It can be food banks or charities, but also popping your unwanted items on your local Facebook page, and asking if anyone needs it for free is a good way to get rid of things by helping others!
  9. Volunteer to babysit once we’re out of lockdown
    We don’t know when this will happen (hopefully soon) but when it does, I’m sure loads of us will want to get out for lunch or a cinema date. Offer to babysit for your friend so they can go on a date with their partner when they’re able. They may even repay you and do it for you in return.
    Make sure you listen to your body and slow down often. Take a rest, a day off and enjoy catching up on Netflix. This will help avoid burnout and help massively with your mental health.

If you have found these acts of kindness ideas useful, please share them with your friends! Tag me on Instagram (@theenglishprintco) if you do a random act of kindness so I can share it with my followers, and hopefully inspire them too. 

If you'd like to know more about self care, and ways to take care of yourself, I have written a blog post all about it here

Here’s to spreading kindness and making the world a better place!


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