Why Keeping Up With The Joneses Is Terrible For You

Posted by Sophie Ingleby on

Have you heard the term ‘keeping up with the Joneses’?

It basically means being jealous of Mr & Mrs Jones. Being envious of their home, cars lifestyle, holidays and all of their expensive belongings.

We’ve all seen someone's house on Instagram and thought “I want that”. These people who seem to be able to afford a luxury lifestyle and you wonder what you did so wrong.

But, being jealous of people who earn more money than you can be really harmful and extremely stressful.

It can leave you feeling unworthy and can lead to huge amounts of debt.

If you’re constantly trying to purchase the items that the ‘Joneses’ have, it’ll mean spending more than you earn. This means that you’ll end up spending on credit cards or taking out loans.

Don’t let the thought of someone else’s life being better than yours, drag you into debt. You’ll also have to work lots more to make up for the money you’re spending.

Living this lifestyle is not guaranteed to make you happier. Especially if you’re in huge amounts of debt to live like it. You’ll just live a life full of anxiety, stress and constant worry.


Practice gratitude. Be thankful for what you have right now. Don't focus on what you don't have. If you have a roof over your head, food on your table and you are loved, then you are richer than you think.

Just remember, the grass isn’t always greener.

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