Your Simple Life Plan

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A simple life is achievable and there's only a few changes you need to make to succeed. Below I've listed 5 examples that you can try today that'll lead you towards a simple, minimal life in no time.

  1. Reduce possessions
    Declutter your home and you’ll feel a million times better. Your home is a living space, not a storage space so why are you keeping things that you don’t use? Less is more, make space for the things that matter by getting rid of the things that don’t. And the best part? If you own less, you have less to clean and less to organise meaning more time spent doing the things you love.

  2. Minimalise wardrobe
    Do you have 20+ pairs of jeans? How about coats and jumpers? T-shirts that don’t fit anymore? Get rid of them. Donate the good items, bin or recycle the rest. Ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? It’s where you have a few select pieces of clothing that coordinate with each other, and can be worn in multiple ways. A t-shirt you can wear with jeans or a skirt, or an outfit that can be dressed down with trainers or dressed up with some heels. The whole point is to stop spending money on buying more clothes, and use the ones you have already.

  3. Don’t fill your diary
    Do you have your day planned out to the hour? What would happen if you took the afternoon off or even a whole day off? You didn’t plan anything, you just did what you wanted. Busy schedules make busy people so it makes sense if you want to slow down, you need to cut some things out of your diary. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a ‘nothing day’ just to recharge and avoid burnout? Ah, that sounds perfect

  4. Keep out of drama
    Other people’s drama is just a burden that you don’t need. Keep yourself to yourself and focus on your own life and wellbeing. Trust me, you’ll feel much better and it’ll be much less of a headache for you.

  5. Watch your finances
    Do you know what goes in and out of your bank each month? Honestly? I keep a record of my finances each month and I evaluate them at the end of the month and see where I can improve. Have I spent too much on takeaways this month? Did I get too many takeaway coffees or spend too much on Amazon and have no idea what I actually bought? If I do, then I know where I need to scrape back next month. I’d rather put money towards paying off debt or into a savings account than waste £30 on coffee each month. Think of it like this: If you are not content today, there is nothing you can buy this weekend that will change that.

There you have it, the basics of a simple life. The whole idea is to be happy with less 'stuff' so you can enjoy the important things in life such as your family and your happiness. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

I would highly recommend watching Less Is Now by The Minimalists on Netflix too.

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