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As a business owner, I regularly use business cards. It’s part of my branding and I bob one in with each order with a discount code on. They help my customers to come back to me to order again, but what do you think of them? Do you throw them in the bin? Be honest!

I keep any cards that I receive in a drawer for me to use later. I can sometimes forget the name of the brand and I can then go back to the cards to find the business again. I have a few tips on what you can do with business cards that you receive with your orders. They’re all free and they will help the businesses hugely.

  • take them into work and pop them up on a notice board, leave them on the table in the canteen or put them up in the staff room.

  • take them to your nearest shop. Supermarkets, post offices and small shops usually have a notice board that you can attach fliers or advertisements to.

  • give them to a friend or family member.

  • leave them on a bus/ on the train, or in a taxi.

  • leave them on a table in the doctors, dentist or opticians.

  • pop it on a seat in your local coffee shop, restaurant or McDonalds.

  • take a snap and post it to your social media platforms.

Whatever you do, please continue to support our small independent businesses, you don’t realise how much you’ll be helping us.

Do you have any more ideas? What do you do with your business cards?

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